replace panel sheet on Mitutoyo DRO ?

I have a Mitutoyo DRO on my lathe where the plastic sheet that covers and labels the buttons has cracked and is falling apart. It is a PL-325L, and there's a picture of it here

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I'm guessing this DRO box is at least 20 years old, so I'm kind of doubting Mitutoyo would still have parts for it.

I suppose I might be able to make some kind of plastic sheet to replace the original, but it would probably look crummy (although maybe not as crummy as it looks NOW!)

All suggestions welcome.


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Jon Elson
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Mitutoyo is pretty good about parts availability, but their prices may make your eyes roll up.

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Unless there is something special about that cover, though, I'd think that a home-made one would be an easy solution.

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Ed Huntress

I've made serviceable control panels without a lot of effort by copying a reversed image onto acetate, which puts the lettering on the inside, and darkening the toner with a marker. Attach the sheet to the panel with double stick tape and trace the cutouts with an Xacto knife.


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Jim Wilkins

Jon - take a look at

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The printing on the front of the device is on the first surface of a mylar (polyester) sheet with a contact cement on the back. Those are printed in one of Hewlitt Packard's LaserJams. A snazier aproach is to put the print on the second surface, which gives a luxurient depth to the label's appearance. Printing in reverse so evrything's black except the print adds to the effect. I've done this with

2 sided white tape holding the label to good effect. All sorts of possibilities come to mind based on the 3 mil thick mylar "transparency film" that 3M & other's sell. I want to try one with reverse printing and some different color spray paints. Then Duro's "spray adhesive" contact cement on the back - it worked well on sanding disks...


J> I have a Mitutoyo DRO on my lathe where the plastic sheet that covers and

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