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Has anyone removed the lens & cover(bezel) from a Mitutoyo 513-118 test indicator ? I have did the searches and found reference to several repair postings but mine does not have any screws, holes or any obvious ways of getting it apart. Thanks for any help and please don't tell me to send it in for repairs as I got this in a junk box and don't need it bad enough for expensive repairs. Thanks Dale

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Dale Randall
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I believe that the crystal (lens) on this indicator is removed with a tool that makes the plastic crystal more convex with suction and then the OD gets smaller and the crystal comes out of the bezel. A watch repair place would have the right tool. Then, the hand is pulled with a puller, the face lifted out and the screws which retain the bezel will be seen. These screws actually fasten a central piece which holds a bearing for the hand stem and traps the bezel so it can still be rotated. It has been years since I opened one of these up so if I'm wrong chalk it up to bad memory and don't follow my advice. BTW, a watch repair place will probably only charge a buck or two, if at all, to remove the crystal. Maybe it would be worth it to risk 5 bucks or so and ask them to remove the crystal and hand. If I had the tools I'd do it for free. ERS

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Eric R Snow

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