Dial Test Indicator Repair Procedure

Hello All,

I was curious to know how a dial test indicator repairing is done. Whenever the dial doesn?t shows reapitability, we assume that the dial is faulty & we send it for repairing to a professional dial repairer.

But the question is that how dial repairing is done ?

Can anyone please send me a data or any video mentioning about the dial repairing procedure?. Is there any spring adjustment or anything like that?

Thanks for your time & patience.

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Well, when my cheap one quit giving decent repeatability I put it in the box and bought a Starrett. Then one day I decided to take it apart and study it. By then I had a couple Starretts. I figured if I destroyed the cheapie no loss and I would learn something no matter what. I started to unscrew the back when I noticed the screws were loose. Instead I gently snugged up the screws and now it measures as good as a it did when it was new. LOL.

Probably no help, but sometimes you just have to tell a story because its fun.

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Bob La Londe

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