Mitutoya Dro power supply

I just came from an auction with a Mitutoya Digimatic dro display. It has no power supply but the socket looks like it shoul accept the typical ac-to-dc converter. But there is no notation as to input voltage or the polarity of the plug. Has anyone had any experience with these? It's code number is

982-537-1. Thanks for the help. Paul
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I have the same DRO. Power adapter reads:


Made in China

Center contact is Pos

Outer ring is Neg


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Thanks for the tip Paul

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I contacted Mitutoyo on the same issue a few weeks ago. I was told that it needed to be a regulated power supply, +/-0.1 vdc. I ended up paying $31 for a Mitutoyo power supply to be shipped to my local tool supply store instead of buying a generic 5 vdc power supply via mail order.

Do you have access to the manuals? I contacted Mitutoyo and was told the install manual is P/N 453AAA040 and the user manual is P/N

50AAA297 and that it would take about 4 weeks for Mitutoyo to get to me. It's been about 7+ weeks, I have left a voice mail last week and have not head back from anyone in the Mitutoyo customer service/document shipping dept. If anyone has either of these manuals and would be willing to copy them I would be most gratefull. I am trying to decide whether to mount the Mitutoyo on my mill or lathe. I also have an Accu-rite II box and one scale (still hunting on ebay for the 2nd scale)for the other machine.
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Thats interesting about the regulated power supply.I assumed that any commercially available power supply would be satisfactory. And no, I don't have a manual. This unit was among misc. parts and pieces I picked up at an auction. As it only has the longer x scale I'm not sure whether to search for a y scale or see if someone needs it more then I do. We'll see.

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