Old Mitutoyo digimatic indicator power supply

This is an old indicator with glow tubes for display.

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It is missing a power supply, any idea what is the voltage for it?

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Call this guy and have him give you the direct dial number for their repair facility. I had it around a while back when I was fixing a digital Heigth Gage that isn't made any longr.

Art Rivera Precise Industrial, Inc.

14782 Beach Blvd La Mirada, CA 90638 714-523-0270 office 714-523-0820 fax snipped-for-privacy@aol.com
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John R. Carroll

I had the same question once from an mystery auction item. I used my lab power supply to find that +5 VDC worked, with + on the center and - on the outside. Unfortunately in my case the display worked, but the indicator itself was broken and didn't function.

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Richard J Kinch

Someone on eBay has a very similar one for sale:

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Maybe he can tell you the voltage and polarity of the "wall wart".

I think that Richard is probably right, but you could also pull the back off the indicator and see if it has an old NiCd battery pack inside. If so, you could trace it to the charger plug and guess voltage/polarity.

I've used something similar in the past and it had an LED display.

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Denis G.

You could ask The Horse:

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