SONY PSP to Sony Aibo Controler.

I just recently ran across an article about the PSP to Aibo controler. I know everybody has heard of this hoax. But perhaps not everone has heard of someone actually making it work. Of course this has been done with a Hacked Firmware but it does present some interesting ideas.

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Would a WiFi controler with Video feed seem a little overkill for a robot platform with a MiniATX Motherboard driving/controling servos and/or gearmotors. The video would need to be supplied by an off the shelf webcam.

The PSP also has great robot control potential as a Universal Infrared Remote.

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A little more explorartion of this could lead to better "Kid Friendly" control of Lego Scouts or even the RoboSapien series without having to do serious hardware hacking or upgrades. What ever Robot kits use IR controlers could be adapted to be controled by the PSP.

Given Sony already seems to have hinted at a new generation 2 PSP, I would think the price and availability of the PSP would become more attractive to the hobbiest market. Just don't start stealing little Juniors handheld while he's sleeping.

Good luck with your Bots everybody...

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