Sony to terminate its Aibo and Qrio robots.

Sony is to end production of its Aibo robot dog, and its Qrio robot. These details are part of the following article on Sony's financial performance.

Thursday 26 Jan 2006 - 10:39

Sony has taken its Aibo robot dog to 'live on a farm' as part of cost-cutting exercise that also sees the demise of the company's Qualia line of pricey, high-specification products. As well as ending its line of robot pooches, the company is ending development of the previously-forthcoming Qrio robot.

Full story:

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-- Martin Sondergaard, London.

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Martin Sondergaard
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Possibly "Wind farms" are more financially viable these dayz?

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashley Clarke

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Ashley Clarke

I am sure that all the research will not just "go away". Does anyone know if the license out or sell their findings? Is there a buyer? Or is the team starting a new company? I am really curious.

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Matthias Melcher

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