where can I get an AIBO and a PINO

Hi All
My son is showing signs of interest in robotics and I was thinking of
getting him a PINO. He is only 1.75 years old and think he will enjoy
playing with it. Does anyone know where I can get one from within the UK
for a fair price?
I have seen the AIBO robotic dogs on the internet but they seem quite high
in price. Is there a cheaper version of the same kind of thing that is
available from within the UK?
Many thanks
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Not sure if you still get the mini Pinos. Try EBay.
Also, consider the Robosapien (toystores) (I can't beleive I actually say that, but if your son is 1.75 years, he'll love it. My gaughter (1.82 yrs) did - atleast for a few minutes).
The Aibo is much too involved. If you want to go dog, try the iCybie (EUR80 in toystores instead of EUR2800).
Naveed wrote:
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Matthias Melcher
Hmm, i don't think a two-year old would really like to play with this type of toys.. give him a bucket full of large LEGO pieces as a start, and introduce him to lego mechanics as he grows up!
Not only this, but they're quite fragile! And not any fun at all to play with (At least i got bored after 5 minutes of watching the AIBO MindStick.. and a two year old wouldn't even be able to "use" or "play" the software).
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Thomas Kindler
I dont htink that's necessarily the case. When my sister was 2, she loved typing on the computer in word. She figured out, on her own, how to turn on the computer, use the mouse, open word, and type away to her hearts content. She probably learned from watching us grown people, but still figured out how to do it on her own. If a 2 year old could get a response from what they're doing they'll figure it out eventually, even if ti ends up being "gibberish". They wont necessaril.y understand wht's going on anyways, just that it happens. I learned fast not to underestimate a 2 year old!!
--Andy P
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Andy P
Thanks for the info. Do you know any stores in the UK I can buy the I-Cybie from?
I understand that there is a newer version being released. Do you have any experience of this?
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I bought my son a PINO and he was abit cautious at first now he plays and talks to it. I think he thinks its a real little person as every time it falls over he gets very upset. He has always be fascinated with robots so I think I will encourage him in this interest.
Thanks for your replies
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