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Hey all,

As you have all heard I am fairly involved in an international robotics competition and I've posted a fair bit talking about stuff to do with the robots.

Currently, the competition is only available to people under the age of 18. However, I think this limits the level of technology that is demonstrated in the robots as people don't get as many new ideas as they could because people with more experience like yourselves would have better implementation ideas than yr 7 students.

For this reason, I am approaching the leader of the robocup committee to ask that there be a new division entitled robocup junior advanced be implemented so that there is an unrestricted division in which the general public can compete in.

What are your thoughts on this? Would there be much interest especially from people here? For details of the soccer competition go:

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Here are the current rule sets:

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Please let me know about this, I will probably construct an online poll for you to leave your comments at that I can forward the robocup junior directors to.



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Hi Jeff,

I think that is a bad idea. All RoboCup leagues, excluding Junior are open to the public. And yet you want to open up the Junior league, which is designed to limit the technology required, in order to advance the technology? Why not just enter the full size league, if you can afford travel and registration for robocup junior, the full size leagues should be manageable. Then you'll actually be working in a research discipline as opposed to one aimed at education.

Have you seen the Robocup Junior uLeague, for undergraduates, in case you happen to be in this category?

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David Perry

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