Where can I get these ?

I'm assuming they are simply called nylon spacers, where do I get them ?
I recently fitted a number of TV wall brackets., the kit include multiple
spacers all of this type:
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That one for example is 18mm diam, and a 5mm wall thickness.
I have a need to obtain at least 32 of them ... in different lengths ... or
better if I could buy it 'by the meter and cut to size ... anybody know
where to get such things.
Judging by the marks ..it looks like a these were made by 'pairing off' in a
CNC lathe or similar - off a length of rod, material is a hard nylon
I don't have access to lathe anymore or I would go looking for nylon rod.
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Rick Hughes
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Hi If you get me the dimensions and quantities I will make them for you, I have sources of plastic rod and the kit to do it. Peter
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One option : go to
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Download their free drafting tool and sketch up what you want. Specify material and a few other details, and the tool will give you a quote for any quantity.
You won't like the cost per unit for small quantities, so also ask for larger quantities. Possibly try a few alternative materials (delrin/acetal vs nylon etc). I found it affordable enough at 200 parts for one job I had.
If you arrive at a satisfactory solution, ... upload the design and press "go". (They take plastic!) If all else fails, you have a sanity check on whatever price anyone else might be asking.
- Brian
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Brian Drummond
Are these any help?
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I am only after around 32 ... tey have a pack size of 1000
on of the other replies looks promising ... Thanks
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Rick Hughes

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