D-Zone programmable robots

I have completed a game called D-Zone II,
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which is the sequel to the popular
Shareware release (D-Zone) around 1992. The game-play is the same as
the original except the graphics are more sophisticated and this time
I have taken care to make the AI more generalized so that you can
fairly easily create your own robots. One of the ideas was that
players could create their own robots (each robot is a single .dzr
file) and watch long battles between the robots of their friends.
An article about programming the robots was published at
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the way they work is having events triggered by either clocks or
scanners (invisible beams extendeing from the robot that can detect
walls or other robots).
The other conditions that can be applied and the events generated are
flexible enough to make the robots really quite intelligent. If there
is enough interest I can make some user-friendly interfaces within the
game to make the robot programming easier but it is already fairly
straight forward.
Best regards
Julian Cochran
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Julian Cochran
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