Sony Receiver/amplifier: 120v/60Hz running at 240v/50Hz?

Hi again,
About six months ago, I was living in the US and had a Sony ATRAV260
receiver/amplifier (120V, 60Hz). I posted a message here about the
possibility of running it with 240v, 50HZ. It was suggested that there might
be tabs, or an internal switch, or some such thing, that could be used to
switch to the new supply.
Now that I am in Europe, I have had the time to take the cover off and have
a look at the situation. Unfortunately, there seems to be no such easy
The layout is roughly as follows:
At the rear of the unit, there is a pair of 100w x 120v outlets, one
switched, one not. Inside that pair there is a small circuit board
(SCB)(about 1.5"x1.5") and, at one edge of the board there is a circular
blue plastic piece about 3/4" diameter and about 1/8" thick. It is connected
to the board with a pair of wires and my guess is that it is a capacitor.
From that area of the board there are two wires leading to the on/off switch
at the front of the unit. At the opposite edge of the board there are 5
wires, two are from the incoming power cord, then one pair (white, brown)
head to a transformer (trafo). There are three wires (2Red + 1Black) from
the trafo heading to a large circuit board. The final wire (black) comes
from the same area where the power cords join the little circuit board and
connects to the other black wire, that comes from the trafo, at the large
circuit board. The only other thing visible on the small circuit board is a
resistor at the edge where the power cords join it.
One sigificant thing about the trafo is a copper band about 3/4" wide that
is wrapped around the middle.
I tried to make a text sketch but it scattered all over the place when I
posted it into my newsreader.
It appears to me that the 60HZ is being transmitted through to the large
circuit board, which could mess up the system.
What I would like to know is, if there is a possibility of finding
replacement components, or is this task a complete waste of time?
Thanks for your help.
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You could try the manufacturer and ask if it will run ok on 11v 50Hz. If so, use an auto transformer.
If not:
I would suggest buying a US 12v inverter of the right power output. You can order it from ebay or get a mate/relative over there to buy and ship you one.
Then buy a UK battery charger with the right power output. Combine the two, maybe with a capacitor or two on the 12v lines.
Problem solved..fairly simply..
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along the same lines... a 220V UPS with 110 V outputs is a fairly standard item and probably will be more astatically pleasing.
i'd recommend a consultation with a product engineer at one of the popular UPS mfrs such as
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Get rid of the Sony receiver. Sell it to some shmuck on ebay. Sony is evil, and the audio quality from their equipment is not acceptable to any serious home theater enthusiast. Get a Harman Kardon, Denon, etc. receiver.
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Thanks Sue and Tim for your responses. I remember you Sue from the comments you made on this problem to my first post about it last September or thereabouts.
I'll look into these possibilities.
AverageGuy.... phew! I'm wiping my brow ;-)
Thanks again.
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