Television of 60Hz, power supply of 240V 50Hz.

Is it possible to use an American TV (60Hz) on 240V 50Hz power supply?

Another dump question. I'm using a computer monitor which its refreshing rate is 85Hz, the power supply is 240V 50Hz and yet I still can use that monitor. One is 50Hz and the other is 85Hz, there are both different, how is it possible for them to co-exist??? If there are able to tolerate each other then the first question answer should be "YES". Am I right?? Very doubtful.

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Answer 1: If the TV has a 120/240 selector switch, yes. If the TV says 120vac 50/60 Hz, then yes but you need to use a transformer to reduce the 240V to 120V. Using a 120V 60Hz only TV with 120V 50Hz will probably cause the TV to overheat and destroy itself.

Answer 2: Frame rate of a TV/monitor has nothing to do with the line frequency of the power supplied to the unit. The refresh rate frequency is produced by an oscillator inside the unit. American TVs that run on 60Hz power and receive NTSC signals actually have a refresh rate of 59.75Hz to reduce interference from the line power.


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Alan McClure

Thank you for your invaluable reply.

Got other question regarding this issue as well.

I bought an American manufactured PlayStation 2 console. The manual book says, this console runs at 120V AC, 60Hz but this console was sold at UK, hence there will be power conflict. Therefore, this console was packed with a power adaptor. At the back of that power adaptor printed: AC input 220V

50Hz, AC output 100V 58W. Read the PS2 manual book (US) attentively, power adaptor is not included but a simple wire meant for direct connection between the socket power supplier and the console.

Question 1: Assuming this console is to be used in America. A simple wire for direct connection between socket power supplier and the console? Does this mean, that console has an internal power adaptor that steps down the voltage as it runs at 120V 60Hz?

Question 2: Assuming this American product is to be used in UK with a power adaptor as mentioned above. If Question 1 is true, then there will be two power adaptors, one internal and one external. External power adaptor steps down voltage from 220V to

100V according to its back plate. Since that console runs at 120V as stated on the manual book, how is it possible for it to run at 100V? And the external power adaptor runs on 50Hz, how does it communicate with that console (120V 60Hz)??? What is the usage of that internal power adaptor over here????

Very confuse!!

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There will be a bigger conflict than the power. Assuming you can get the appropriate power adapter for the PlayStation, the American model will put out a video signal that is incompatible with most TV sets you will find in the UK.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

But I was able to use the TV to play PlayStation2 and that TV was made in Japan - Mitsubishi. My TV is able to support NTSC, SECAM, PAL and so on. Thank you for your reply :).

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