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Road flares ARE classifed as class 1 explosives. They just get a break from the
DOT. Check out the MSDS for a road flare:
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While the domestic class is 4.1, the "real" international class is 1.4.
Rocket motors also get a break from the DOT in the form of exemptions:
DOT-E 7887 allows certain 1.4 items to be shipped as 4.1
DOT-E-10996 allows certain 1.3 items to be shipped as 1.4
In order to take advantage of these exemptions you must be listed as a party to
the exemption by the DOT.
The thermal stability test (75C) is not a test to see what class something is
in. It is a test to see if it is safe to transport. APCP must pass this same 75C
test or it is prohibited from transportation in commerce.
The standards for determining a hazard classification are in the United Nations
Manual of Tests and Criteria. This is not available (so far as I can tell)
I found a DOD version of it:
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David We> It occurs to me that sport rocket APCP is probably safer to ship
than items such as roadway flares or matchbooks (both of which are
> "classified by listing" as "Flammable Solid 4.1" rather than
> "Explosives") - wouldn't APCP meet the thermal stability requirements
> at 49CFR 173.184 for flares ("will not ignite spontaneously or undergo
> marked decomposition when subjected to a temperature of 75 degrees C
> for 48 consecutive hours"), or those at 173.186 for matches (93 degrees
> C for 8 hours)?
> These thermal stability tests appear to be considered sufficient to establish
> that the products in question "falls out the bottom" of the "Class 1 Explosives"
> category, without the full test sequences that would otherwise be required for
> materials which fall within the definition of "Explosive" at 173.50 (a). >
> I wonder if there's any way to get a similarly codified exemption for sport
> rocket propellants?
> -dave w
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Or just take the easy, illegal, slimy, greasy, low-life, scum bag, route (ala your mentor, Jerry) and mis-label the shipment as "model aircraft parts" and avoid the whole legal higgledy piggledy all together.
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You are fixated Steve. How many times do you need to re-embellish before you have "arrived" at smear central?
Would you like me to fixate on your last speeding ticket where you were fined?
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Jerry Irvine
Would that make you feel better, skippy?
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Dave Grayvis
And how does one legally go about being listed as a party to the exemption ?
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You can be granted party status to these exemptions by following 49CFR 107.107.
Sec. 107.107 Application for party status.
(a) Any person eligible to apply for an exemption may apply to be made party to an application or an existing exemption, other than a manufacturing exemption.
(b) Each application filed under this section must--
(1) Be submitted in duplicate to: Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety, Research and Special Programs Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, 400 7th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20590-0001. Attention: Exemptions, DHM-31; (2) Identify by number the exemption application or exemption to which the applicant seeks to become a party; (3) State the name, street and mailing addresses, and telephone number of the applicant; if the applicant is not an individual, state the name, street and mailing addresses, and telephone number of an individual designated as the applicant's agent for all purposes related to the application; and (4) If the applicant is not a resident of the United States, provide a designation of agent for service in accordance with Sec. 107.7. (c) The Associate Administrator grants or denies an application for party status in the manner specified in Sec. 107.113(e) and (f) of this subpart. (d) A party to an exemption is subject to all terms of that exemption, including the expiration date. If a party to an exemption wishes to renew party status, the exemption renewal procedures set forth in Sec. 107.109 apply.
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Alternatively, the application with any attached supporting documentation submitted
in an appropriate format may be sent by facsimile (fax) to: (202) 366-3753 or (202) 366-3308 or by electronic
mail (e-mail) to:
shockie B)
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Don't bother faxing :)
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Jerry Irvine
In order to take advantage of these exemptions you must be listed as a party to
Make a formal request to the DOT to be a party to the exemption.
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Chad L. Ellis

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