Just when you thought you had a handle on Trigonometry...Rational Trig emerges

Has anyone read this book?

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If it catches on...what will HP and TI do with them trig function buttons! ;-)

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Pete J. Ahacich
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I just glanced at the free downloads. Because I do have a good grasp of trigonometry, it is difficult to be motivated to have patience for understanding something else that does the same thing. My guess is that it will be just as difficult to understand this method as to learn trigonometry.

There are other ways to do the same job. For example, spherical trig has a number of special formulas such as the spherical law of sines or cosines. Unless you use it a lot, it is probably easier to solve for spherical triangles using vector analysis. Similarly, one might find the use of quaternions or some other algebraic method to solve trig problems.

In a nutshell, until shown otherwise, I am underwhelmed.


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