Don't you just hate it when...

... you design and build a robot control board and when you finally figure out why the damn thing won't work it means you have to go and build it all over again, but this time with those pullup resistors you forgot to include, or the external MCU crystal you thought you'd get away without using because the PIC chip you've employed just isn't quite stable enough without it and the worse thing is you've got another couple of boards sitting in the shed with exactly the same problems because you thought you'd save a bit of ammonium persulphate and etch a few of the boards on the gamble that you'd actually got the design perfect the first time, but didn't?

Well I do.

On the upside it's amazing what a bit of supa glue, the missing components and some flying leads can achieve.

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Tim Polmear
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yeh, modern art... components glued to fingers :-)

Regards Sergio Masci

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Sergio Masci

Sergio Masci wrote in news:

I'd be happy to get a component glued to my fingers, all I ever do is glue the fingers together.


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My favorite bromide of all time:

Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want.

I feel very experienced.

Being experienced means eventually you often get it right on the first pass, and if you don't, you are already commited to the process, and know how many more times you probably have to do it before you really do get it right. So the first step is not disappointing if it is not the last step. And if it should happen to be, thank your experience.

I had a Navy chaplin say something that profoundly changed my life's philosophy. He said,

Expect the worst. Be pleasantly surprized when things go right.

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Randy M. Dumse

This is exactly right. Years ago at a large aerospace company, a woman who worked there and was very Christian came to me one day and said " you have such a nice way of dealing with people. What is your philosophy?" She was trying to ask (without asking) if I was also a Christian. I said "Well, it's simple. Expect the worst and hope for the best." She got this horrified look and said "oh, that's an awful way of looking at things!" I guess it's all in the outlook.


Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B. Xenotech Research

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Sir Charles W. Shults III

"Good judgment comes from experience. And most of that comes from bad judgment."

-from A Texan's guide to life

-- Mark Moulding "I prefer heaven for climate, hell for company."

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Mark Moulding

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