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on several of their advance order kits in the "new" section have a $2.00
shipping charge that is removed when the item is shipped. Sounds like
free shipping to me.
When did they start this feature? Sure makes it tempting to buy more
kits I don't need.
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In the back of the monthly flyer the Advance Order Program has some items with free shipping and some with a $2.00 charge. It looks like it varies with the item. I certainly can't ship anything for $2.00 so they must be getting a break from the shipper or building the price into the retail price they're offering. hth
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isn't that some sort of book keeping thing,that allows them to show you ordered it,and is then adjusted later?
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its been around for a while Graig. Just be sure you get the amount you ordered. When all that Roden Gladiator craze was going on, I ordered two kits in advance, but only received one. After checking out the contents I was glad I only got what I got, not that the kit was inferior, just a lot of the parts were broken. Was only billed for that one. A few months later when they had a sale on them I bought two more :-) I have to confess I like the critter. Mike IPMS
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Mike Keown

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