El Mirage photos on ABMR

I put some interesting shots of our El Mirage launch on ABMR. One shows a
scratch-built C6/F21 cluster job moments before disaster. The show jerry and
I prepping a student built Estes Patriot powered by an F55
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Reece Talley
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Nothing on ABMR.
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What folder on the photos page did you put them in?
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Or did you put them on a.b.m.r. (the usenet news group)???
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter
Jerome, could you also post an image of your inventory on your website where that belongs also? Please don't touch it up or edit it. Also, could you place a current Time Magazine somewhere CLEARLY visible in the image. Thanks again ... Jerome, I know together we can lick this delusion you currently have :) God loves you, I love you, we all love you!
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