El Mirage launch

Wow, what a perfect day out at El Mirage. No clouds, temp in the 80s and
absolutely no wind. No WIND. Unbelievable. Hats of to Jerry I and Jeff, two
guys without whose help, I don't think I could have gotten all of those
rockets prepped and flown. Guys, you should have seen what the kids built.
We had two LOC Viper IVs and in each case, all the motors lit. We had
scratch builds and Estes kits. We flew some of Fred Shecter's egg lifters
(highly modified with strap on boosters). Jerry's kid flew some interesting
stuff including IIRC, a minimum dia. job with one of USR's G008 motors.
Someone in my group, I forgot whom, flew an LOC rocket (model escapes me)
on one of Jerry's Firestarter H motors. I sure wish those were still in
production. Jet black smoke, loads of sparks and a nice steady burn. For
the nostalgia buffs, we launched a RV Machbuster and retrieved it. I wanted
to fly my Grymm but forgot to bring a suitable motor. I trashed a
pre-production LOC 4" V-2 by flying it on a too-long delay. It was a
beautiful example of a lawn dart though. Three inch penetration into the
lake bed, ejection after penetration with the fincan and accordioned BT
landing fins down. I'd high-five myself for that one except that it was
expensive. We also managed to mix an F21 sustainer with three Estes C6-0
strap-ons in a girls scratch built TFNC rocket. The C6-0 lit first of course
with the F21 coming on line about twenty feet up. It was pretty impressive
and a little scary. The rocket snagged on the igniter clip and tilted
sideways about 40 degrees. Needless to say, it went way down range. We even
had an Estes Patriot modified to handle an F55-13. That rocket screamed into
the air!!!
All in all it was a perfect day. Lots of high schoolers with that sappy ,
"Look at that!" grin that comes from doing something that amazes themselves.
This is the reason I fly rockets. And, this is a genuine rocket post. :)
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