I thought I'd left this behind me

I thought, moving to a more moderate climate, I had left the problems of cold damp workshops behind me. But a somewhat bizarre, and thankfully rare, climatic event had me reaching for cloths and cans of WD40 at the weekend. It was rainy over the weekend and overnight Saturday was quite cool, then around the middle of Sunday it suddenly got really warm and the humidity hit 98%. All the big chunks of cold metal in the workshop looked like I'd thrown a bucket of water over them. Most strange though, was that everyones windows suddenly steamed up -but on the outside.

It's funny how women think an afternoon drying tools and spraying them with rust preventitive is not time well spent, but at least she did help me out. Good job I packed the dehumidifyer when we moved -looks like I'll be using it!

Regards Kevin

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