DCC: Perish THIS thought

Having read a DCC Primer on Tony's Train Exchange's website, which link was
thoughtfully provided to me by an RMR regular, I got to thinking about the
Fundamentally, given the heavy use of electronics, it's purpose-built
computer system. The cabs are the input devices, the various decoders
contain the "programming" (and the models they operate are the "hardware").
Now, can you imagine Microsoft, having effectively conquered the PC world,
looks for another target of oppotunity, and decides to enter DCC. I can just
imagine the results: day-long installations of all sorts of "files," and the
bloatware typical of Microsoft. When a virus makes its way through the
internet, it infects half the locos on your layout.
At your club, one member tells you that his Athearn Challenger emailed him
yesterday to remind him it's low on water and fuel....
Let's just hope Gates DOESN'T hear of DCC! :-D
Dieter Zakas
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Dieter Zakas
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Ummm... do you know what CVs 894 and 895 are reserved for, according to the NMRA specs? ;)
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Joe Ellis
THAT is a rather frightening thought!
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John Franklin
I can see it now... the dreaded netskyDCC variant P which only affects older versions (DCC98se) of MS DCC based decoders.
Terry B
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Terry B

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