Hi everyone,
I have heard of this thing called DCC
I know about the old controllers as i had a layout years ago and now got it
out of the box and have enough room for it to be set up again.
How does DCC work and how would the wiring of the track go.
Any help would be grateful.
Also if any one has any oo guage plans that would be great
Thank you,
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How in-depth and technical do you want it?
Try read the tutorials at
formatting link
Full standards are published by the NMRA
formatting link
Basically, all parts of the layout are live at the same time, unlike DC where you have to switch sections on and off or from one controller to another. The "command station" sends instructions, in the form of a digital data stream, to the locos, each of which has a "decoder" or "chip" inside to receive its own instructions whilst ignoring the instructions for the other locos.
You can run multiple trains at the same time depending on the current capacity of your "booster". The booster amplifies the digital data from the command station so that the locos can also take their power from it. Boosters can go up to at least 10 Amps. Larger layouts may use multiple boosters for more current or to allow sections of layout to be isolated for fault finding.
You still need to be careful with return loops, just as you do with DC. An auto reverse unit can be used to handle the polarity switching automatically.
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