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When Peco, for example, say their 4th radius curve is of 572mm radius, where is that measured to ? Is it the centre line of the track, or the outside rail or outer line of the sleepers ? Thanks chaps and chapesses.

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Keith J Patrick
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Centre line, I believe.

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Centre-line of track. Add 50mm+ to calculate the outside clearance required by rolling stock.

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Greg Procter

Why not try WinRAILWAYS software Version 4.1.0p1 - November 2006 @

formatting link
WinRailways is a ShareWare software to help you to design model railroad track plans

NOTE This software package is NOT FREE software. This is SHAREWARE, that is TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

I think it shows the dimensions for track at the back of the Hornby catalogue ?

Good luck

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Dragon Heart

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