I thought I ought to introduce myself as by and large you seems a friendly
group, and I have done one or two postings now...
I'm 40 and have a little boy who is mad about trains. A special emphasis on
Thomas, but just loving trains generally. I am planning on taking him to the
NRM this Saturday. I have told him Mallard is Spencer's brother
In line with standard parental practice, I now have the opportunity to buy lots
of toys that I can encourage him to play with, and given his love of trains
here I am.
Potentially look out for the odd daft question as I try to learn a little more.
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Paul Matthews
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Welcome. I had the same excuse - sorry, reason - for getting back into the hobby. No 1 son's interest has waned somewhat, but it would be a shame to let all that stuff go unused now wouldn't it?
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Adrian B
Hi Paul,
The situation is sort of reversed here...
My Father-in-Law is mad about Thomas, and his Grand-children are following HIS lead!
Welcome to the madhouse!
David / Greenarrow.
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David French
Have we met? you seem to know me well
I have always liked steam trains in a "ok, That's nice" kind of way, but Bobby's interest in Thomas and a Thomas day at the ELR have piqued my interest a little more.
It can be surprising knowing a little more about the history and reading some of the Thomas stories - like the Spencer story, where he pulls in at the station to find he has beaten Gordon's record.
Thanks for the welcome!
I think I may have found the ideal start set for us - the Bachmann digital starter set. It's digital, has two trains and they look like but are sufficiently diferent from Thomas and Percy IYSWIM. Bobby already has lots of wooden trains that he loves, and I don't want to get a new Thomas that may spoil that a little,
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Paul Matthews
Hi Paul
I'm like some of the other posters, my son was told about trains by his grandpa who used to be a GWR fireman, and we live close to the Severn Valley so he loved to go there.
So I just had to buy him a trainset and now it's grown in to the set I always wanted when I was his age....
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I don't know if Lego still make their battery powered railway items, but they proved to be a big hit with my toddler son. The toddler is now at university, but it didn't stop he and his girlfriend covering the living room carpet with rails, playing trains. (At least that's what they said they were doing - I didn't enquire further!!!)
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But who would like Football for punishment? All those heavy balls being kicked at you - badminton sounds better.
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"David French" wrote
Excellent, can I volunteer in that case?
Much prefer Rugby League, a real man's game. Not like cissy soccer when players fall over if you breathe on them.
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John Turner
I always found the leage vs union debates funny - the fact that league fans couldn't accept that in terms of play leage was more stop/start than union, despite the fact that union looks more stop/start than leage to a spectator...
I straddled both camps - Preferred playing union and watching league. Never liked watching union at a big game - watching union had to be on the telly or at my local small club where you could move to follow the game. Heck, if you went a few times you might end up running touch...
Anyway we are moving OT a little. I have spotted the bachmann digital startert kit - what do people reckon of it?
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Paul Matthews
In message , David French writes
I'd prefer not to think about it, thank you. There's a time and place for everything, but it's not in the middle of a field in front of up to 100,000 voyeurs (sorry, spectators).
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Jane Sullivan
I bought the one with 2 tank engines for my son (he nagged me!). I was a little disappointed. Whilst you can run multiple engines on the same piece of track it doesn't add anything extra special to what he had previously.
Or am I missing something?
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It doesn't add much to operation on a simple oval (except the ability to have head on collisions which seems to appeal to young boys). However as you add to the layout the wiring stays simple (at least until you want to control points and signals electronically).
Mark Thornton
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Mark Thornton

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