Welded me a gopher today

Went out this AM early, and the little bugger had made two new mounds overnight! The nerve! Gave him a charge of propane and new oxygen for a minute, and got a really deep thump that raised the grass for three feet around. Hope I got the little bastard.

I'm going to make me a trocar out of conduit to introduce chewing gum into the tunnels. I heard that xylitol gum is fatal to them, but can also be fatal to dogs. Will try some on the ones in the pasture.

But the O2/propane is infinitely more fun. Now, to just go pick up that piece of 8' long 8" pipe to make that noisemaker cannon ..........

Low tech approach:

formatting link
High tech approach: (but compressed air)

formatting link
The overachiever approach: (and winner at 180db!)

formatting link
Hmmm. I think I just thought of a use for that old oxygen cylinder no one will take back .....


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