Who went flying today?

I had to get a flight in on the 100th aniversery of the Wright brothers first flight. 23deg F with a 17 mph wind made it a little chilly. At least it was done snowing by the time i made it to the field!

:-) remove my-wife to reply :-)

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Im outta props again.

6 props this week on my slowstick....but im getting better, i swear! no stick-time for me for a few days. 8(
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Jet Red

I took my Slow Stick to the shop with me and did a demo on our lunch break. I am sorry to say, sad to report, that I put her into a dust collector duct up on the ceiling. Broke the leading-edge spar on the right wing. Landed like a turd. All cheered... It DID fly.

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| 17 mph... wow hope it wasnt a cross wind...

Just 17 mph? I've been slope flying more than anything else lately, and it really becomes fun at 30 mph. Recently the wind was gusting to

50 mph or so -- made it even hard to stand up at times, but boy it was fun!

On the windier days, I'm now wearing a pair of those `keep chemicals out of your face' goggles. I probably look like a serious dork, but my eyes like me a lot more, not getting dried out and getting grit in them :)

Alas, I didn't get to fly today. I did fire up a plane in the driveway and annoyed my wife (and probably the neighbors) as I made sure the engine worked. (It was the `Flutter Bug' I got at the club auction this weekend. Engine seems ok!) Does that count? :)

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Doug McLaren

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