Had some metalworking fun today

  • Milled the "oversized nut" of the quick change lathe toolpost to fit the lathe
  • installed adjustable carriage stop, so that it does not crash into chuck
  • Tried some lathe turning with carbide tools, more later
  • Added a digital scale/readout (which I had) to the Y" axis of the lathe. I hope that it will be useful.
  • Made a safety chip shield that is easy to adjust. I will use it on both the lathe and the mill, so that the chips do not end up in my clothes. The shield has a heavy base that can be adjusted, so that it does not fall from the vise or carriage in off center position.
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Mechanical or electrical? If only mechanical, you may spare the chuck, but you'll likely shear gears.

DROs spoil you forever. Was it easy to do? generic dro or made for that lathe?

Well, if you're not covered in chips, how will people know you've done any work??

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Some bent plates like bookends do a great job of deflecting chips on a mill.


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Droll trolled: "Well, if you're not covered in chips, how will people know you've done any work??"

That's easy. Iggy will be on RCM bragging about it.

Bob Swinney

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Robert Swinney

My manual says that there is some sort of a ball clutch that disangages automatically and that it is safe. I may try this by turning the chuck by hand.

It was a generic readout scale. Kind if like your digital caliper, but meant to be attached to something and the sliding thing attached to something else. I can make pictures if anyone is interested. It is similar in appearance to this:

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good point, I will destroy it

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You're very obedient robot.

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