Made something fun for my mill yesterday

I wanted to make a machine shield and for some reason wanted to do it DIY.

I bought a polycarbonate piece from a face shield, and a 24" gooseneck rated for 4 lbs (this is Harbor Freight style rating on a Chinese import, but it can hold one pound easily).

I milled a T nut style thing (actually shaped like a fat letter I), that goes into a slot on the forward face of the table. That's the slot that is milled on a vertical surface and has a 3/8" width, this is not slot on the horizontal part of the table.

This adaptor is held in place by two 1/4"-20 screws that tighten it by screwing them in.

The gooseneck has a 1/4-20 threaded male end (looks like it was made for photography), and is also screwed into the I-nut.

I am going to make a crescent shaped bar that the face shield would attach to (so that it is not flat, but kind of round), and attach that to the gooseneck. Then I could position my shield based on the need of the moment.

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Good for you! that slot in the front is for the limit switch stops. Sounds like they are missing from your mill.


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You might like to add a 3-watt white Luxeon, K2 or Cree LED with

30-degree collimator to your chipshield. It would be small, run cool, be very rugged and provide shadow-free illumination because the direction is very nearly the same as your line of sight thru the shield.
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Don Foreman

Don, that's an interesting idea, but, as it stands, I have a lot of light just for the mill. Specifically:

- Four 48" T12 fluorescent lights on the ceiling right above the Bridgeport, 40 watt each. (two Home Depot double light fixtures)

- Standard Bridgeport light on swiveling joints on the left

- 25W CFL light on the right

That's totally besides the remaining four light fixtures in the garage, each is two 32 watt 48" fluorescent lights.

You can see the lights in this awkward photo:

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I really like having a lot of light.

So, I can see the cutter very well already.

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