Has anyone made a shell mill holder?

I have a nice little 2" Valenite shell mill to adapt to my Eklind mill
head. The Eklind uses a modified B3 collet, truly an orphan. The
interesting problem is making the drive tabs alongside the pilot shaft
that fit into the top of the shell mill.
Anyone have a quick and easy method?
Kevin Gallimore
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The drive keys? Make them separately and bolt them on after the fact. Alternately, mill them on the arbor face, bore a hole for the pilot and hold it in separately with a setscrew.
Just a thought:)
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I made one with a 1/2 inch shank to fit a collet on my Emco mill. The pilot shaft was also 1/2 inch. I milled shallow slots on each side of the pilot shaft and brazed the drive lugs in place. Works for me. I have a R8 holder at work that has the lugs screwed to the pilot. either way works.
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I am interested in shipping a Diacro 12' shear from Chatsworth Ca. to Minneapolis, MN. What is the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this. The weight of the shear is listed at 325lbs. Michael
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Twelve *foot*? I didn't know that DiAcro *made* them that large. And the weight sounds too little for a 12 foot sheer, and (I think) too much for a 12 inch shear -- but maybe right if it has all the accessories, including the workpiece clamp bar. It sounds closer to right for the 24 inch one which I have.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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