indicator holder for mini-mill

Anybody have any favorite styles of sources of test indicators and holders that will fit on a Sherline mini-mill?

I've seen lots of complex does-everything jigs that clamp normal sized mills, but I'm not coming across much that will fit on a tiny little mill.

The mill itself is not this one, but similar

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The spindle itself takes #1 morse taper, so one can attach collets, a drill chuck and other tool holders. But, as can be seen in the photo, there's not much clearance between the spindle and the table, especally once you add a vise or other doodads. Mine has a taller column, but it still seems like it could be tight.

I've never had to worry about clearance with their lathe as you're never "trapped" inside the machine to measure anything, and regular sized indicators and bases work fine.

Also, is there any reason at all not to just bolt a rod onto the back of a plunger type dial indicator and just level things with that? What is the magic of the finger type indicators other than can measure limited amounts of travel 90 degrees from the face on the bezel?

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Cydrome Leader
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Why not just make one? I use a bar of aluminum with a couple holes drilled and threaded in it to tram my Taig. I put 1/4" stud in a hole near one end, and bolted the indicator in place on the other. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but I am sure you can make something as simple for your application.

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Bob La Londe

I have bolted a couple of metal plates either side of the mill table and use magnetic stands to hold the indicators as necessary. I also have two indicators with different magnetic backs which can be positioned on the mill itself in various ways. Each job is different and requires creative solutions to the indicator positioning.

Like Bob says I also made a dedicated holder for my Taig.

Michael Koblic, Campbell River, BC

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Well, I'd like to measure depth directly under the spindle, with the least amount of wasted space in between.

A plain plunger indicator with a stud on the top and no rod extending out when the probe is despressed would be perfect, but I don't see such a thing.

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