Anybody have favorite micro servos?

Hi - I'm working on a project where I'll need about 20 micro servos. I was
planning on using Hitec HS-81MG servos, but they provide almost no
dimensional information on their website, so I don't think I'll be able to
use them. I also contacted them and they flat out refused to provide
anything more. So - does anybody have any other reccomendations for a good
micro servo, specifically one that has *detailed* mechanical drawings
available? Thanks,
-Michael J. Noone
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Michael Noone
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Not enough in:
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John Mianowski
John Mianowski wrote in news:
No - not even close. For example it doesn't even say where the output shaft is.
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Michael Noone
Whyt are you expecting "detailed" mechanical drawings for what is a consumer product designed for low-cost hobby applications? These aren't industrial motors, after all.
The PDF previously cited has better-than-average dimensional specs for a hobby servo; for anything more the best thing to do is buy one, and take the remaining measurements yourself.
-- Gordon
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Gordon McComb
Hi - have you considered Megarobotics AI motors? They are serially controlled servo motors that can also act as rotational motors without any pyhisical modifications. They are more expensive than HS-81MG though, see
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for more info, detailed dimensions in AI701 manual, bottom pg6:
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- Peter Turner
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Peter Turner
Gordon McComb wrote in news:
I expect at least semi-detailed product specs for anything that I buy. I guess I'm just demanding that way. Actually that's sarcasm - I don't think that's unreasonable in the least bit. But whatever.
As it turns out - a clever person made a clever suggestion to me: take measurements from the drawing. I did this for a couple measurements, then compared with an actual servo borrowed from a store - and the drawing is perfectly accurate. Thus my problem is solved.
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Michael Noone

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