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Anyone have any hints on removing the shell of an Atlas GP38?


Jeff Stanton

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Jeff Stanton
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Jeff, For the older Atlas-Roco GP38's, all you have to do is spread the shell slightly at the middle of the fuel tank. This will allow the tabs on the frame to disengage from the shell.

On the current Atlas GP38's, the procedure is a little more involved. There are three sets of body tabs/frame slots. One set is about centered with the rear radiator fan, the second even with the middle of the fuel tank, and the third about even with the front of the cab.

First, remove the couplers. Then, gently squeeze the body shell inwards, right at the walkway and even with the rear radiator fan, while lifting upwards. Once this rear set of tabs is disengaged, while continuing to lift, squeeze the next set by the fuel tank and finally the nose set if necessary. Don't angle the shell forward too much, only enough to keep each set of tabs disengaged.

There's not a lot of clearance between the sides of the shell and the weights, but more than enough to slip the shell off. I've done a number of GP38's and GP40's to add or replace decoders and have never had a problem. Of course, some seem to be more stubborn than others, but that could also be nothing more than me having a good day vs. a not so good one! :-)

HTH, Stevert

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