Has anyone tried this room-temp Black Oxide?

Hi All,

I've done lots of reading on black oxiding steel, and the general concensus is that the room-temp products are pretty much junk. But this site

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make some big claims for their product. They also have their E-Tec 504 and 505 inhibitors for a dry-feel finish.

Has anyone used this product?


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James P Crombie

Thanks for your comments James. EPI say they won't ship international, so getting some will be a bit of a problem. I won't be in the US again until next May, so it will probably have to wait until then. I particularly appreciate the comments on the PBP kit - I was contemplating buying some to try, but the Australian distributors want AUD$250 (plus 10% GST) for the kit that lists at US$54 (AUD$75), so combine that with your notes and guess what I won't be buying now!

I'd really like some feedback on the EPI gear - is there anyone else listening out there?



James P Crombie wrote:

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Roger Head

I was going to give it a try but the pricing was out of my range. The quote they sent me was $68/g for Insta-Blak 333 and $17/ga (5 gallon minimum) for the Etek 501. I figured the total price of a test drive to be close to $200 - too much for me. If anybody has tried their product I too would be interested in the results.


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Dan Allen

On 24 Nov 2003 07:12:55 -0800, snipped-for-privacy@nist.gov (Dan Allen) wrote: Insta-Blak 333 and $17/ga (5 gallon

Dan, Back when the Mins were 1 gal, I bought a setup, as I had a client who needed some stuff "black". I found that the Insta-black worked "OK" - it really depended on the steel you where using - some worked well, some didn't, even WITH the insta prep. My BIG mistake is I ordered the wrong oil, and the still I got really botched the job. I then got a 1 pt sample of the RIGHT oil, and it helped. Still, it really made a difference what steel you were doing. 12L14 was so/so,

1045 was fine, the strange metric tubing (some EN number, don't remember which - customer supplied), frankly stank. NONE where nearly as good as a good hot blue, or as good as when folks like Birchwood Casey demos their pro stuff at Eastec



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