District V Election for VP

Seven questions were posed on the district e-mail list to the
candidates running for AMA VP District V.
Candidate Tony Stillman has responded.
Thanks for the opportunity to let you know how I will do things if
1. Will active modelers be appointed as AVPs?
Yes. I am already taking applications for these positions. If you
think you might like to serve the district membership as an AVP,
please contact me with a resume of you modeling experience and
availability to work with clubs within a 200 mile radius of your home.
2. Will these AVPs be used according to the Standing Rules? (See AMA
Membership Manual
formatting link

Yes. AVP's are extremely important. They are the local arm of AMA and
are a key element to getting information on a local level to me so
that I can take it to a national level. Communication is one of the
main areas that has to be initiated from the ground up... This is a
priority for me.
3. Will a periodic accounting be made to the membership on the
expenditure of funds allocated to the District?
Absolutely! This is NOT MY MONEY! It is YOUR money... I will give a
yearly account of how it was spent.
4. Will a qualified Frequency Coordinator be appointed?
Yes. This is a very important part of the VP's duties. Providing
equipment to local clubs is critical. Someone that has experience in
RF will be able to help clubs troubleshoot problems and answer
5. Will contest coordinators be appointed in line with other
Yes. I don't believe we need two coordinators! I don't know why this
was done, but we will go back to one coordinator, if I am elected.
6. Will a District web page be established to serve the needs of the
Yes. I have already contacted a couple of people about setting this up
and running it for me. This will include e-mail and discussion tools
to allow the membership easy access to me, as well as to the AVP's. It
will also include AMA information from EC meetings and any other
information. As I said, communication is a huge issue that must be
7. Will a District V e-mail list be supported as a communication tool
within the District?
Yes, as well as the possibility of new e-mail lists created as needed.
If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to hear from you and
answer them as best as I can. You can e-mail me directly at
Tony Stillman
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Red Scholefield
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