AMA District V Looking for AVP Candidates

Tony Stillman, our new District V VP is off and running at the job. Top
priority is filling the AVP positions with active modelers.
He wants to spread people around so that the whole district is covered. He
is well covered in Orlando FL and Huntsville AL, for example... He does need
some candidates to cover Memphis and Knoxville, TN and the Tallahassee, FL/
Dothan, AL area.
He has definite requirements to fill these positions.
Tony Stillman, AMA District V Vice-President
3702 N. Pace Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32505
850-434-0909 (daytime) E-mail:
RE: 2005 AMA District V Associate Vice-President duties and requirements
My vision for AMA District V is to create conditions to allow our membership
to have quick access to AMA, via the Associate Vice Presidents. In order to
do this, we will be taking advantage of the Internet and the
communication/information sharing it can provide. This will require every
AVP to be able to send and receive e-mail, as well as have enough computer
skills (or willingness to learn them) to participate in on-line "chat rooms"
. These will be set-up on our AMA District web site to allow all AVP's to
be online together with me in a "party-line" atmosphere. This will allow us
to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss any issues that you may have, as
well as my being able to pass information on to the group all at the same
time. In order to accomplish this goal, you may need to check into
high-speed Internet access. You will also need a "permanent" E-mail address
(not a "hotmail" type account). Some of these accounts have difficulty
working using mass E-mailings, as they look like SPAM and are sometimes
blocked. This tool should improve communications greatly! I will also have
a yearly meeting, held at the Southeastern Modelers Show in Perry, Georgia,
where those who can will be able to meet face-to-face for an hour or so to
discuss issues and meet with modelers.
Each AVP will be asked to contact all AMA clubs within at least a one
hundred mile radius of their home. I need each of you to establish a
personal relationship with every club that you can meet with. This personal
contact will help improve AMA-to-member relationships as well.
As part of your function, you will be able to cover local events in your
area and write up a report of it and send it to me via e-mail. This report
will also need to include digital pictures of the event. If you don't own a
digital camera, you can have your film converted to digital format when you
get it developed. Many companies offer a CD ROM of your pictures for a very
minimal expense. Of course, it would be much cheaper if you own a digital
camera. When I receive a report of an event from you, I will review it and
consider it for publication in the District V column in Model Aviation. I
want to give you credit for the work that you do by printing your article in
the magazine! You are making the personal contacts, so you will be better
suited to write the article and take the pictures than I could! You are
doing this work, so you should get the credit for it. All feedback you get
from club officers and members will be crucial information that needs to be
passed on to me. Note that I have enough space for about three reports each
month. That is only thirty-six per year, not including anything that I may
need to put in. In some months, there may not be any field reports at all.
So, I will have to pick and choose from your events. Be sure that I will
publish at least one report from each AVP each year. In rare cases, I may
ask some of you to cover an event. We will work the details out with you,
but I will also provide some amount of financial compensation for your
travel expenses in this case. You will be able to do this via E-mail and
through our quarterly group on-line chats.
I am asking a lot of you, but I also believe that you can have a major
effect on your local modelers. I believe that the personal rewards you will
receive by helping out fellow modelers in your local area will be worth all
the hard work.
In the past, there was no real plan as to who was selected as an AVP. I am
changing that. I need energetic people who will aggressively work for our
District. I also need to spread out the AVP's so that I am able to cover as
many clubs as we can. District Five is a very large district, and I must
select AVP's in such a way that we get maximum exposure for AMA.
If you are interested in becoming an AVP for District Five, please fill out
the form below, and include a short bio on yourself and why you want to be
an AVP. If you are currently an AVP, you must send in a resume in order to
be considered for renewal.
Thank you,
Tony Stillman
AMA District Five Vice-President
Your resume must include the following information:
Daytime Phone Number
Evening Phone Number
Cell Phone Number:
E-Mail address:
AMA Number:
AMA Leader Member since:
Years in AMA
Years in modeling
List clubs that you are aware of within 100 miles of your home.
List current modeling activities, including recent projects you have
List clubs you are currently involved with
List any positions you have held in AMA clubs
List briefly your reasons for applying for Associate Vice-President
List three references from modelers in your area
Red Scholefield AMA 951
AMA D-5 List Owner/Moderator
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