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Here is the line up as reported on the District VIII e-mail list via D-VIII VP, Sandy Frank:

The following have been nominated for this falls > AMA election.. > > The Nominations deadline has just passed... > > PRESIDENT: > Dave Brown > Wes DeCou > Dave Mathewson > Bill Oberdieck > Rich Hanson

(DeCou and Mathewson are both excellent choices. Hanson has not even carried his own District in the past.)

VP DISTRICT I: > Don Krafft > Andy Argenio

(Glad to see District I come up with a good challenger. Andy has done a great job as IMAA contest coordinator. As an active and dedicated modelerwould be a great VP.)

VP DISTRICT V: > Manny Sousa > Tony Stillman > Rod Gier > Judi Dunlap

(Interesting line up: Sousa ran as the spoiler in the last election, with Stillman beating him 1985 to 804.

Dunlap is McNeill's chosen heir to the position.

Gier - very interesting. At the time the AMA insisted that SIGs be made up of AMA members he was an organizer for the Independent Giant Modelers Association under the Sport Flyers Association. As an IMAA Director he voted against the IMAA remaining a SIG under the AMA. At the time Jim McNeill appointed him as an AVP he said he had no interest in becoming VP - had he shown any he probably would never have been appointed an AVP in the first place.)

VP DISTRICT IX: > Mark Smith

(I guess this means Russ Miller has decided to retire.)

(Comments are mine.)

Red Scholefield AMA 951 Dist. V

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