AMA vote results

Here are some numbers to chew over:
2001 AMA Election Results
Dave Brown 16,339 58%
Rich Hanson 4,710
Frank Tiano 6,739
Total 27,842
District I
Don Kraft 1,231
District V
Jim McNeill 2065 42.5%
Manny Sousa 804
Ton Stillman 1985
Total 4854
District IX
Russ Miller 673
P M McGuigan 568
Total 1241
2004 results
Dave Brown 15,090 57.9%
Dave Mathewson 7,925
Bill Oberdieck 3,066
Total 26,081 7% fewer votes than 2001
Dist 1 VP
Andy Argenio 890 54%
Don Krafft 748
Total 1638 33% more voted than in 2001 (no race in
Dist 5 VP
Tony Stillman 2,038 48%
Judi Dunlap 1,275
Manny Sousa 898
Total 4,211 13% few votes than 2001
Dist 9 VP
Mark Smith 866 30% fewer votes than 2001 where there was a race.
Total number of members voting for president in 2002 vs 2004 roughly the
same, 17%
Red S.
(Sorry to interrupt the urinating contest between the Anti-American
contingent and those dumb enough to keep feeding them with responses.)
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Red Scholefield
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Fear not brother Red, I'd much rather see AMA's political stuff than the other PEST infected DH's.
Red Scholefield wrote:
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Mike Gordon
Be careful what you wish (and vote) for. You just might get it.
Cool! I may have to move back to Dist 5.
Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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