Which magazine ?

I am looking for suggestions for an RC magazine.
My subscription to FLYRC is over and I am disinclined
to renew as it does not fit my needs. 80% of that magazine
is "reviews" which I view as advertisments.
I am looking for a magazine that has
1) few (or none) "reviews",
2) Provides good scale plans (not of ugly sticks)
3) Has detailed technical articles on all aspects of the hobby
4) Has more of a homebrew perspective
Thanking you in advance.
B Thomas
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B Thomas
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There are none that have all of that. I think the best one out there for honest writing is RC Report. RCM is nothing more than a Tower ad, IMHO. I haven't seen a Model Airplane News in quite a while but they were looking more like an ad magazine as well. You might want to look for a Scale RC Modeler.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh
I thnk RC Report is the closest you will find. Model Airplane News looks just like FlyRC to me. Most of the reviews in FlyRC are so short. I guess, they have to be short to stay within the short attention span of most of the readers. I want more, in depth articles.
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Robert A. Plourde Jr.
IMHO RC Report comes the closest for a domestic publication. R/C Model World out of the UK (Traplet Publications
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is one fine magazine - much more technical detail.
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
I like Flying Models.
1) It has a couple of reviews in each issue, but they are much more in depth than anything I see in Fly RC, Model Airplane News or Backyard Flyer. The July issue has the Sig Jenny and the Multiplex Sonic Liner.
2) Recent (last five issues) scale plans include Steve Wittman's Buster, Stabiloplan IV, Polikarpov I-16, Spitfire and Learjet 23. That group includes rubber FF, electric RC and EDF. There were other non-scale plans including those using glow or gas, CL and RC.
3) I haven't seen any other magazine (except the AMA one) that covers as many bases as Flying Models. There are regular columns for Old Timer, small models, C/L Combat and Stunt, electrics, FF, R/C Pattern, and ducted fan/turbines. The only thing they don't do regularly are helicopters and sailplanes (although the previous issue has an article on last year's Midwest Slope Challenge).
4) The current issue has four plans based construction articles in addition to the building information in the regular columns.
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Brian Reynolds
You have to understand that the company gives the mag the product to review inwhich the company advertise there product in the mag..........its the mags "bread and butter" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Then you buy the product with the great review.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$.....out of your pocket. ;-) Now everyone is a happy camper.....You,Mag,and Company
GOOD LUCK lol..........try Flying Scale Models: has plans and homebrew perspectives
p.s. whats wrong with "sticks".......I love my GWS SS :-)
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Mike R.
Thanks for the pointers guys. I did check out the webpages for rcreports,rcmodelworld and flyingmodels, and am working on making up my mind. sincerely b thomas
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B Thomas
The only SRCM you'll find will be in someone's archives.
That rag went belly up when the publisher tried stiffing the authors for articles already published, me included.
Ask AMC what she thinks of Ed Schnepf.
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Fred McClellan
Such mags are far and few between, in the US.
My FlyRC "subscription" ended with the supposed complimentary copy.
Better by far are several of the Brit mags, namely RC Model World, Flying Scale Models, RC Scale International, and Radio Control Models and Electronics.
See the Traplet and Nexus web sites at
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Insofar as reviews is concerned, RC Report beats all the US rags hands down. The Pizza Eater demands honest evaluations, and he gets 'em.
Pretty sure RC Report invented "Cheers" and "Jeers".
Been there, done that, the T-shirt still fits, and I hope Gordon forgets I owe him an article on the 9Z 'cuz I _still_ don't have the thing fingered out !
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Fred McClellan
This may be true, but "FlyRC" magazine seems to have at least twice as many reviews as any of the others. They also seem to cover more current topics. If you don't want to know about new products, or lots of ads turn you off, then maybe Flying Models will be your cup of tea. They tend to provide lots of construction articles. But, if you are into only RC, "RC Report" may be indeed what you are looking for.
Jim - AMA 501383
Robert A. Plourde Jr. wrote:
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James D Jones

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