Pitts Special C of G

I have a Pitts Special that I have inherited but I don't know what the C of G is for it. This model has an 79.5" upper wing span and is approximately a

40% scale model. It is a very well done in the Holiday Inn Aerobatic Team colors. It was built from plans but I don't know who drew up the plans and I can no longer ask. I would hate to damage it so I would rather not rely on my calculations alone. Since the Pitts Special has both staggered wings, and a swept back upper, but straight lower wing, I would like to compare my calculations to what others have. I figured that the C of G should be at 55.9% of the upper wing (measured from the leading edge at the root).

Can anyone give me the C of G they have for their Pitts Special models, expressed in a percentage of the upper wing cord, measured at the root? I figure that as long as your models are built to scale I should be able to translate your measurements to my model. At the very least maybe it will verify my calculations.

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