GP Pitts

I am thinking of buying the GP Pitts Special bipe, I already own a Quadra 35
engine. Now I know the Q35 is heavy, I know it is on the low end of the
power requirement for this plane. But, is it enough engine to fly this plane
and do scale like aerobatics? I had this engine on a scratch built 84" Laser
200 and it did just fine. A bit slow but could do all the cool stuff anyway.
I got 8400 rpm out of a 18x8 Zinger wood prop. What da think? I can't even
consider buying a ZDZ, BME, or DA engine at this time.
Tom Wales
AMA 435536
The flyin' Saxman.
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Tom Wales
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Try doing a search on there are many post on the GP Pitts there.
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It will fly it, but barely. The Quadra 50 flys it well.
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Normen Strobel

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