GP Ultamite Bipe 40

Just ordered one from Tower, was wondering if anybody here has experiance
with it. Just curious if it flys as good as Goldbergs 60 size Ultamite, I
plan to put an OS FX 46 with a pitts muffler in it. Any bad habits I need to
be aware of? Thanks in advance for your input.
Tom Wales
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Tom Wales
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The Goldberg Ulitimate is one of thief best kits. A little larger, lighter relatively compared to the GP Ultimate. The GP will fit into a mini van all set up which is nice.
Here's what I wrote recently about the GP: ------------- It's a nice project, and looks good close up, or in the air. Put an OS 46FX on the nose and it will perform all basic/intermediate IMAC maneuvers. It will have limited vertical at this power level, (quite scale like actually) but is still an ball to fly. Prop the 46 for thrust, not speed. You can up the power later if you feel the need. I haven't.
It will also land easier than many so called trainers, and even some of the best. Before anyone coughs at that; I fly an LT-40 also which is one of the very best, but is more comfortable to land with a bit of head wind, because it loves to float. The Ultimate slows relatively fast and has a very predictable and stable sink rate. Very easy to 3 point consistently in any reasonable condition. I've dead sticked this Bipe several times and all but once made a 3 point on the field any way. That one time the engine quit right over the center of the field at about 50ft. They key to landing this plane is holding a little power to control the sink rate. Just as it should be. Just don't try to turn it too much without power.
The manuals low and high rates, while they seem low, are correct. This Bipe has a large elevator and short tail moment, as do most. If you stick to the recommended settings, it is quite stable and won't bite you unless you insist on asking for it.
BTW, mine has the glass cowl, and the Goldberg sized glass pants. They don't look out of place, and with 3" mains, handle grass very well. ------------------ To that I would add,....set the decalage with stab and lower wing at 0 degrees, and the upper wing at -0.5 to -1 degree. Expect a little roll coupling, and more but manageable pitch coupling on a knife edge. Yes it will knife edge on an OS 46FX with Bisson Pitts and APC 11x6 or 5. I use a Dave Brown Vortec spinner with the above, and the recommended CG is easily attained. A single aileron servo is a that is needed BTW.
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