AMA Election: Executive Vice President

Fellow AMA Members:

You should now have your Oct. '05 issue of AMA's Model Aviation mag. This contains the candidate campaign statements. In addition you should now have the ballot to vote for AMA Ex. V. Pres.

I solicit your vote.

The campaign statement in MA lists my immediate goals. Here is the resume I presented for obtaining a place on the ballot. It gives some more light on who I am.

I know the format may get a bit out of place however I trust you can handle it. Thanks for your support. BTW the format subjects are as required by AMA, probably not what you would use to get a job!! (;-))<


OBJECTIVE: To become the Executive Vice President of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) via membership election. After attaining the position, I will work to develop plans and programs to bring the AMA before the public's view along with those in all levels of government to promote a highly favorable reaction to those in search of Flying Sites. I have plans for developing certain areas of AMA into profit-centers so as to release more revenue funds to AMA's field operations. There are other plans in thought, however the overall objective is to increase the current membership of AMA by one hundred (100) percent within three (3) years.

QUALIFICATIONS: Financial / Aeromodeling: As a personality, I am a "doer". However the wisdom of age does provide me with the patience for careful planning prior to "doing", yet I will accept a challenge and can get things done. I have access to considerable counsel for detailed financial questions. From CPAs to high ManagementAccountants, including an individual involved with combination tax accounting & computer networking to satisfy even Sarbanes-Oxley (2002). Difficult financial questions can well be answered. In addition, my background with various business arrangements, along with spear-heading out-of- the-box methods used to better utilize various restricted-funds accounts, provides me with a scope of various financial management perspectives not often considered by the more traditional personality. Your reading of these resumes, almost annually, testifies to the point that I am persistent. Model aviation has been my passion since childhood. I have won many awards in Control-Line and Free-Flight, along with some in Radio-Control events. I have held "Leader" status since 1964. I have served as an AMA Nationals' worker, an RC Contest Coordinator, and District Vice President. Currently, I am an active Contest Director, a member of the SIGs, IMAA and RCCA, and a member of three(3) AMA Chartered RC Clubs. I owned a successful Hobby Shop, Aero Sports, INC., Mt. Prospect, IL

1971-1976. The shop was sold out to another Hobby Shop due to my interest in other avenues. My experience in many disciplines of model aviation, along with the Model Industry, being a sports flier as well as a competition oriented modeler lays a basic groundwork that will provide me with many opportunities to navigate those skies that I perceive AMA should be flying.

MANAGEMENT: United States Air Force: Managed crew of three highly trained persons in detailed missions consisting of delivering thermonuclear weapon systems to specific points up to five thousand miles from departure points using celestial and radar navigation aids, aerial refueling, with timing to one minute increments.Frequent examinations of proficiency allowed for zero error. Second Bomb Wing, Strategic Air Command 429th and 96th Bomb Squadrons. Managed a department responsible for academic instrument training, flight planning, and navigation plus actual in-flight instruction and evaluation of Undergraduate Pilots. Personally responsible for the annual refresher Instrument Ground School Training of rated pilots in 3641st Pilot Training Wing and later, 758th Military Airlift Group. President and CEO of Aero Sports, Inc. President of other personal Subchapter S Corporations. Managed airline flight crews complying with numerous regulated operations regarding FAA, Company, and Local civil laws.

INSURANCE and LEGAL: No specific experience in these areas outside of using both items as a consumer. One exception might be that I negotiated and wrote my own contracts for several real estate purchases and sales to more detailed specifics than normal legal channels provided.

TECHNICAL: Forty-one years of using, understanding, and being highly knowledgeable of numerous systems involving Electrical, Engines both Jet and Reciprocating, Fueling, Hydraulics, Instruments, Pneumatic, radar, radios, including design and applications along with nuclear and thermonuclear physics. Well versed in aerodynamics from the pilot's application usage to include sub-sonic, trans-sonic, and super-sonic characteristics in both the realms of convergent and divergent air-flow. I held all three USAF Aeronautical Ratings. I was rated Pilot, Navigator, and Bombardier.

OTHER: My model aviation experience is cited above. My dedication to the model aviation sport is evidenced by my use of personal funds to obtain and establish the Jetero RC Club, Inc. model airplane facility now owned by that club. In addition there is the continuous interest and work for the future of and promotion of the sport. My dedication to the overall aviation world is evidenced by:

1 Forty-one years of professional life in aviation 2 I am a Charter Founder and sustaining member of The American Air Museum In Britain and 3 My name is on the National Aviation and Space Exploration Wall of Honor, Udvar-Hazy Center

Respectfully Submitted

Horrace D. Cain AMA L-93 _________________________________

June 15, 2005

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You're my man, Horrace.

CR wrote:

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Charles & Peggy Robinson

I'd like to see Horrace get it too! I'd like to see him put his money where his mouth is so to speak. Watch him in action for a change and see if he really knows what he's doing! And maybe, just maybe it will keep him away from here.

Of course, having said that I'll probably be accused once again of trying to single handedly destroy the AMA.

sic 'em Horrace! :)

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Chuck Jones

At least it would be someone DOING something rather than sitting here being nothing more than a mouth like you have been since your birth.

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Paul McIntosh

And you have done what? Oh yeah! Joined the crowd who tried to shout me down when I did offer help!

Screw you dip shit!

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Chuck Jones

When did you EVER offer help that didn't have your own self-aggrandizing agenda attached?

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Paul McIntosh

Under another name he served on the AMA site acquisition program for a very short time.

Red S.


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Red Scholefield

Under another name?

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Paul McIntosh

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