Hello all,

I Just bought 2 new welding yesterday with out really looking into into it. Last minute dissicsion, buy or not to buy. I was wondering what ya'll thought about them. One is a Miller Dynasty 300 dx tig machine. The other is a Miller Invision 456p mig with a double spool and two guns. I think it is a very nice setup. I only had a few minutes to check miller's prices to make sure I was gettting a good price. These were brand new machines and according to the web I got a really good deal. My only consern is the tig (Dynasty 300 dx) is it big enough for my jobs. I weld alot of thin stuff like .060 and .075 stainless steel, but I also weld alot of .125 Stainless steel, sometimes I weld aluminum .125 -- .187 thickness. I know how to weld I just don't know all the amps setting and output ratings, duty cycles, etc... I just pratice untill it looks good to a non-trained eye.

Thanks for all the input that anyone might have.

Glenn Houston, Tx

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Plenty big enough. It is taught here you need 1 amp per .001 inch in TIG.

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Yes both machines should be more than enough for your needs.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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