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We have a system that consists of 6 workstation PCs. Each workstation consists of a single processor system running Windows XP Embedded with two ethernet interfaces. There are also 3 servers supplying data to the workstations, again each with two ethernet interfaces. There are two ethernet hubs, so that each device has one ethernet interface connected to hub 1 and one ethernet interface connected to hub 2. All the devices on the system are assigned static IP addresses. The second ethernet interface is solely to provide a backup. The default configuration is for each device to have the same IP address for both interfaces, however this means that you can only have one hub powered and have to manually switch hubs in the event of a fault, otherwise you get IP address conflicts and error messages.

And now at long last to the question :-). Is there any way at the OS level to configure XP Embedded so that it will be happy to have 2 ethernet interfaces with the same IP address on a device?



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Same device as in Enet card? If so; none that I am aware of. MAC addresses will get in your way. I am not "game" enough to try changing those.

I tried "multihoning" with NT 4.0 a couple of times. As long as we used the second card for a different network, like a bridge it was ok.

Why do you need to have the same IP address? XP sure does not care. Why cant you just run 2 address and keep both networks running at the same time? As long as the cards in the same sub net there should; would; maybe be no problems.

Hell I do not know for sure I am "guessing". I do not have access to a network lab anymore.

Are you using this for control? or monitor only

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I am not familiar with Win XP 'Embedded', so I may be all wet, it possible to configure the NICs in an Adapter Teaming arrangement? That way they could share the same IP. The NIC card manufacturer should be able to provide the utilities to configure this...but then it's not at the 'OS level' that you specifically are looking for.

I'm involved in a project that is using adapter teaming on redundant networks - probably similar to what you are doing. My project uses thick-clients with full-blown XP, though.

Good luck - gz

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Sorry, my bad description - same device as in computer.

It is down to the way the software works - the software supplier is working on a fix, I'm just trying to get an inside track on what is happening and see if I can find a work around and save some time.

No problem - thanks for your input. We are getting a demonstrator system in our workshop tomorrow, so I'll see what I can do with that.

Just for monitoring.



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I'm not too familiar with XP Embedded myself yet, but I'm learning :-). On the surface it looks very similar to full XP, so hopefully the same rules for drivers etc apply.

Adaptor Teaming sounds like what I'm looking for - we are getting a demonstrator system in tomorrow so I'll have a play and see if it is possible.

Many thanks


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