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recently i purchased several new old stock munet webgate iris electric meters made in 2000 and 2001 and i have been trying to get them to configure. they have a very similar design to the schlumberger centron series(schlumberger made them, MUnet modified them), but have a dual stacked single display that alternates between a bunch of info i have little knowlege what some of it means, mabe you do. some things alternate more than others... the display alternates between a255s255.254.0 subnet a208a1.32.245 IP a208g1.320.0 gateway a10d0.0.2 ? am0002800072100 ? meter number? sprt:80.lac:10 ? the lac changes sometimes dv02.030 ? crdsaml:56n ? susers:0 ? rf:1.m:00000.000 (this is where the KWH are accumulated even goes to watts) sre:0 we:0 ? the we changes sometimes st:0 m:57 ? the me changes sometimes

these meters have yout typical blade type hookup that you find on most home watthour meters.

the problem i am having is this, you need to hook them up to an ethernet network and they have thier own webpage in thier design. you log onto the web page in this case it is then a login screen comes up. i contacted the manufacturer and they gave me some logins and passwords but they dont work, and i have no addl support from them. it just keeps kicking me back to a login screen when i press login. i have tried exactly as they typed them, caps and not. i have tried swapping different logins for different passwords in the list and no luck.i am communicating with the meters web page, just cant login. the login screen says in large letters AXON and small letters field sollutions. in the middle it asks for login and password that can be "obtained by the customers utility company". tward the bottom you have 3 buttons, SUBMIT , RESET , and LOG-OUT . then at the bottom it says in print copyright 1999,2000 MU net inc. webgate version (VER 02.030)ADDR

another porblem i have noticed is that if you remove power from the input to the meter, when you restore power it will report a much lower KWH reading, say i had power on to accumulate 68 KWH, i removed power to work on the AC wiring and when i reapplied power, the meter has reverted back to about 25KWH and its been a week and has not returned to its 68 KWH or higher, it just keeps incrementing from the 25 KWH

and another problem i have noticed is that several of the meters will get garbage on the screen after several days of useage and lock up not measuring KWH, some wont lockup even if not connected to ethernet, MUNET said this was probabally because the meters were not always connected to a ethernet connection, but i doubt that, because i have one thats been running great for almost a month withiut it locking up and its not on the ethernet network

heres the login password information i have, mabe they mis typed something MABE YOU KNOW THE PROCESS TO RESET THE METER TO DEFAULT The username / password logon scheme is

Euaxonfs / fieldservice

suaxonfs / FIELDservice


to connect you will need to set your computer with address / subnet that can reach the unit and then can logon.

in this case the IP address of the meter is a208a1.32.245 or

the lines that give the addressing scheme

AXXXAXXX.XXX.XXX is the address mask AXXXSXXX.XXX.XXX is the subnet mask AXXXGXXX.XXX.XXX is the gateway (somewhat important to get right) AXXXDXXX.XXX.XXX is the DNS server not used Use the muaxonfs logon and got to System Setup - IP Addressing to change the IP addressing.

i have given you all the info i have, i would appreciate any ideas you have.

i really want to get this going as i am a meter nut and would like to have this meter on my airconditioner and set it up for demand metering of TOU so i can see how much it uses peak and off peak. once you login you can change lots of parameters of the meter, wich i look forward to setting up.

also i am looking for the webbot stats software made by munet, it allows for graphing and other cool features on the pc.

thanks, jack

for more information here is a cut and paste of MUnets web page on the webgate iris technology...

muNet's WebGate iRIS (Internet Residential Information System) and the WebGate iCIS (Internet Commercial Information System) are the first Internet Protocol ("IP") Interfaces to be electric meter-based. These WebGate IP Interfaces start by providing utilities and their customers with advanced automated meter reading ("AMR") features via the Internet and delivering secure, full-time two-way communications and continuous access to meter data. Beyond these usage-reporting features, the WebGate IP Gateway also addresses pressing utility energy management needs by connecting (via open home networking and LAN's) to individual devices or entire systems, allowing remote access, monitor, control and management. Such access can also be made available to third party, value-added service providers. The WebGate iRIS and iCIS devices turn every electric meter into an IP Gateway with a unique location on the Internet.

By tapping the expansive, shared IP network infrastructure, the WebGate System eliminates the need to deploy expensive, proprietary, single-purpose, narrow bandwidth networks, which radically lowers the costs to utilities of obtaining frequent detailed metering information, performing energy management, offering new advanced services, and generating non-regulated revenue opportunities.

To assure that today's solutions can be readily adapted to tomorrow's challenges, WebGate IP Interfaces use standards-based open architecture communication protocols, including HTML and XML. Data from meters, devices or systems connected to a WebGate IP Interface can be queried individually by using a standard Internet browser on any computer with an Internet connection, or via the WebBot? Central Control Software to perform batch polling, control and reprogramming. The output of all WebGate IP Interfaces can be customized to meet the requirement of the utility including control of access and the presentation of consumption data in either tabular or graphic format. The data acquired through the WebBot Central Control Software can be seamlessly integrated into the utility's legacy CIS, billing or data warehouse. Both WebGate iRIS and iCIS systems use similar design philosophy architecture and are based on open standards.

The standard WebGate IP Interface site unit offers different industry leading metrology options integrated with a WebGate module, which includes: a data acquisition system, a database, an embedded processor (that manages the database and serves data to the Internet using HTML and XML Protocol) and a broadband modem. The WebGate Interface begins serving information to the utility and its customer as soon as the WebGate site unit is installed and the Internet connection is established.

Optional functionality can be added to the WebGate IP Interface, thereby establishing easy connections to the other meters and systems in the home or business, and linking companies that offer services related to these systems to the remote devices. This feature enables companies providing energy/home systems and services to gain the permanent, cost-efficient, and dependable connection they require to remotely access, control and monitor devices, meters and appliances located within their customers' sites. By using open standard home networking technologies (via wireless or power line carrier communications), the WebGate IP Interface is able to recognize and deliver to the appropriate parties valuable information on a wide variety of devices, including whole house disconnect and load restrictor, remote load shedding via thermostat control or hot water heater disconnect, and remote appliance diagnostics and alarm monitoring.

WebBot Central Control Software

The WebBot Central Control Software automatically accesses the remote WebGate site units via the Internet in programmable batches to collect specified consumption data, program the units, and upgrade their software. The WebBot software interfaces with leading database packages, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 8i, and can easily be customized to transfer data directly into the utility's legacy billing, customer information or data warehouse systems. The WebBot software is fully scalable to meet the needs of large utility customers with multi-million meters. Since the WebGate IP Interface stores and processes data locally, batch data transfers are performed infrequently at times of low network utilization - this ensures very low communication costs.

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First and for most my suggestion is a cry in the dark. I used to work for a manufacture that made similar equipment. Some customers for some sort of security change the passwords on their meters. Something I never understood. I suggest that you contact the manufacture and see if you can reset the memory. You will have to completely reprogram each meter but that will be a good lesson. Second can you acquire an Fluke Network meter like the 620 or better. Check and see if the meter is actually working on Ethernet. Power up the meter and see if the communication side is working. The older units I worked on had a bad habit of frying the communication side. I have never seen a tcp/ip address with a letter in it. Probably cause I do not get out much any more. I am assuming that you are using a dedicated PC to communicate with the meters. If your using the same computer as you do for surfing then you might have an ip address issue. Have you tried to use a command prompt and ping the addresses? If it comes back as host unreachable then look at your network configuration. Sounds like an interesting project, best of luck.

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thanks for the luck, i have the meter hooked up to a linksys router. i changed the router to match the meters IP area, and i can ping the meter. good idea on finding out hot to reset the meter, unfortunately munet has stopped supporting me on this, thats why i had to take it to the newsgroups, i wonder if removing the battery for some period of time might do it, i do remember seeing a small SMT switch at the top of the front circut board that contains the front display, pressing it had no noticeable effect when the meter is plugged in. no access to any fancy test eqpt. thanks for the reply


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i am providing some addl technical information about the MUNET made board inside this meter.

contains the following identifiable chips and silkscreen information.

the following are chips on the ethernet card daughter board U6 crystal LAN CS8900A-103 KTAKXD0014 U5 INTEL E28F640 J3A120 A0480333C 1999 FLASH U4 SH-3 80B SH7709 9M2 JAPAN (fancy looking chip) U3 hard to read, looks to be ultra flat ram chip silkscreen info MUNet, Inc.2001 DT-1005D

MAIN board stickers S10101-5DSN4 VS105 0043 R:1 V4NV0043

MAIN BOARD silkscreen S10101-5Dsn04

main board contains a battery with this information MuNet Inc.

14466-M00-1002 REV: A COGHLIN ELEc. 1-800-343-1201

DISPLAY DAUGHTER BOARD has hand written letters LV2-178 on its left side

hope that sheds some more light on the subject. i have not been able to get them to reset to a different IP address.

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