Anyone using Digitrax with Windows XP or Linux?

I'm about to purchase a DCC system for my layout. One of my requirements is to have the ability to interface a PC to the system so that I'll be able to automate various things (running trains, setting signals....who knows). I checked out the Digitrax site and all I see is that MS100 (LocoNet to RS-

232 level shifter) product along with a few outdated references to Windows 3.1 (!) and other such OS's

Is anyone out there actually using a PC running Windows XP or Linux to talk to your Digitrax system? Are you using basic Loconet driver support or are you using a more complete package such as those from Railroad & Co.?

thanx, Vince

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Vince Guarna
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I use JMRI on a XP Laptop with a MS100

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Hudson Leighton

Also a LocoBuffer is a better interface than the MS100. It is currently out of production but suppose to resume in early '04. See;

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Jon Miller

I'm running with JMRI and the MS100 interface on a Windows 98 SE setup and it works well. It also ran on my Windows 2000 system, but I needed the port for other things. I do have the JMRI server running on the 89 machine and run throttles on the 2000 machine using the JMRI client/server interface. I can actually run trains from any of the computers in my house. Both the client and the server will run on Linux.

If you are a programmer, the JMRI source code is > I'm about to purchase a DCC system for my layout. One of my requirements is

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I'm using LocoBuffer (and LocoIO) on several WinXP machines.

Jeff Law New Zealand

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Jeff Law

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