Wonderware communicating with Modicon over Ethernet

Is there a way to send or change an on/off bit over ethernet between a Modicon momentum and wonderware? Currently data is being transmitted via radio and then polled via the wonderware system.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

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There are ways of "forcing" a bit to change state. Best done at the PLC.

You do not mention if you have an development package of WW or not. If you have the "run time" there is no way, unless there is button already there for such a operation.

Come to think of it you really do not say "from where" you want to do the forcing.

Forcing bits is a dangerous thing. Make damn sure everyone is clear.

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Basically the wonderware screen has a button to turn on remote horns. These horns can be turned on from different locations. But the master radio is at the wonderware workstation.

The location Im adding a PLC will be using the LAN to communicate back rather than the radio.

So I have two cases:

(1)A push button at the new location driving the local horn and sending the

Signal to the wonderware to broadcast to the other horns.

(2) When horns are triggered from another location I will need an input back to the new PLC to trigger the local horn.

I will check on the wonderware package info.


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