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I down loaded and installed SW 2005 SP 0.0 and left all the files on my harddrive (this was not a disk installation) , next I tried to install the SP 0.1 and it gives me the message." the installer cannot install the upgrade patch because the program being upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patech updates a different version of the program.Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch. (1642-0)" then I tried to apply the SP0.0 to SP 1.0 and the same error comes up, and yes I have tried the SP0.1 to SP 1.0 as well and have the same result.... GRRRRRRR! Am I going to be forced to uninstall and reinstall via the disks? How do I apply the patches? I want to take it to SP1.0

I just hated the disk shuffle for each update on the last version (2004) and was hoping I could do it all locally and not play insert disk one... insert disk 3... insert disk 1.... insert disk.....bla bla bla

Any suggestions?

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Ben Eadie
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You can't upgrade the downloaded install, say's so right on the web site.

There is an upgrade method, that involves loading all of the CD's on your hard drive, that eliminates the disk dance. I haven't used it, but someone that has may chime in.



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Mark Mossberg

Bummer Dude!

Thanks for the info Mark


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Ben Eadie

You _can_ update the downloaded version. First, you have to do an update from the version on the disks. That's right, update dowloaded SP0.0 to CD SP0.0. After that, you can install later service packs. I just went through this last night.

As for copying the files to the HD first, I don't know why that wouldn't work. I haven't tried it myself in a long time. I'm thinking you would replace the files you saved from the download with the files from the CDs.

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Dale Dunn

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