SP 2 takes forever to install......

Downloaded SP2 (from 0.0), whopping 158 MB.

When installing it took half an hour, then simply halted. Roll-back / re-install took long time too, but worked. Now I am left with a Program Files SW folder with just a little data, and a new Solidworks(2) folder where the program is located. While I just wanted to update de version located in the first-mentioned folder.

Anyone else experiencing problems? This is my first time a SP install went wrong in 7 years of SW use....


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similiar thing happend to me with sp1. i had no trouble installing, but when i rolled back to sp0 i got a new Solidworks(2) folder as well. i did a complete uninstall and re-installed sp0.

btw, i'm still doing production work in '03

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kenneth b

just upgraded from 1.0 without problems bill

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bill allemann

It has been explained that this is due to the Windows Installer, but I have my doubts about the finger pointing since other apps I have use the WI for SPs and it does not behave the same. On both SPs for SW 2004 they each took

1 hour and I had to juggle a few CDs in and out of the the CD-ROM. I don't know what the hell the SP is doing for an hour, but I do know the original install took much less time.
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Jeff N

Assuming for the moment, that the finger pointing is accurate, and that the problem really is in WI, rather than in SW.....

One has to wonder why SW chose to use the WindowsInstaller...it's not as if it was their only choice.

Given that, I'd say the problem is SWs, regardless of what the root cause might be.....

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