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Richard Doyle
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I played with a drawing for about 5 min and the views resized ok with no noticeable slowdown. Didn't try dims, etc.


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Wayne Tiffany

C'mon Richard, Get your feet wet! Test it for us! Don't tell me you're getting cautious. Scare-dy-pants. Scare-dy-pants. ;p

(just wanted to rattle your cage a bit.)

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Jeff N

Rattle all you like Jeff.

If it had still been available when I got home last night it would have been loaded by now. I have never been shy about moving to a new release or SP. I got burned badly only once in nearly 6 years (as did a lot of others), but for the most part have been pleased . My "caution" was here at the office where there are multiple users and we didn't have time to download and install. I asked the questions because I know that folks on this board loaded it and I am very curious about the slowdown issue. I was also able to reproduce the "spontaneous feature suppression" in sheet metal parts on a repeatable basis, and while it was only an annoyance for me, I understand the pain of others (A New Year's resolution). I am hoping that SolidWorks figures out the pdf issue and posts the SP as soon as possible. Then yes, I'll be sure let you know how it turns out.

Sorry to hear about the egg on your face (not to mention the burr in your britches). As I said, it's a new year and I've turned over a new leaf. I'll still be a staunch supporter of SolidWorks software, SolidWorks programmers/developers/employees, but I've resolved to be a little more tolerant of users that complain, whine, yell, and even spew venom. I'll try to understand why someone could get so upset that they could resort to swearing, name-calling, and general disgust. And, I resolve to do what I can to help other users whenever possible.

Why not join me in a "grass roots" undertaking and help other users by verifying bug posts and offering to forward the results to your VAR, sharing work-arounds on this board, getting involved in user groups (where are you? Maybe we need a group started in your region - I can help you with that), getting on the early visibility list, submitting enhancement requests, and showing a little understanding for business decisions made by SolidWorks. The company is there to make money, and I'm sure you don't really mean it when you hypothize that they are "doing this on purpose". We can disagree with some of their decisions, but these are a bunch of really good individuals making decisions for the good of their own company, and I am certain that they don't want to run their business just to screw their customers.

On the other hand, I can truly understand how some people become fed-up with any company. I can't even walk into a McDonald's any more without remembering the time one of the counter persons brought my french fries out and said (I'm not kidding) "They're a little stale sir, because they've been sitting under the lamps for a while". Now, if I liked Big Mac's sooo much, or if they offered something that was so much better than the competitors, I could easily overlook that indiscretion. That's how it is for me with SolidWorks software. It's hands-down the best tool I've ever worked with, it's FUN to use (I model at home just for the heck of it sometimes - call me weird), and I have developed relationships with some of the best folks I've ever met - fellow users, VARs, and SolidWorks employees.

If you don't want to come along for the ride, I understand Jeff. But it won't stop me from trying to help you and others. Heck, I might even offer a big hug every now and then just to see if I can make you feel better.

Looking forward to a great year at comp.cad.solidworks


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Richard Doyle

Well, you took me a little more serious than I was trying to be, but blame the internet for not being able to express things exactly the way you want to, such as my common sarcasm. I already took on a new attitude or more like I'm still trying.

"help other users by verifying bug posts" "sharing work-arounds on this board" I do try to help out as much as possible,but quite frankly I no longer push the software at my new place of work. Besides, with participating on a motorcycle forum, internet shopping and research, juggling selling my house and moving to a new one and actually throwing in a little work here and there I feel extremely limited with everything lately. But, like I said, I'm trying to adopt a new attitude, one that is a little more mentally productive for everyone, so I'll chime in with my tips, knowledge, personal opinions, and throw in a bitch here and there to keep it well rounded. ;p

"offering to forward the results to your VAR" My VAR is excellent, and I do submit issues to them when I have the time to document them, etc., but I will always be a bit hesitant given the lack of response I have received in the past from Boston.

"getting involved in user groups where are you?" I'm in Baltimore and there is a local User Group that I was able to go to once back in the summer. The past 6 months for me has been tough to fit everything into my schedule and still try to keep sanity. Crazy thing is I'm contemplating night school since with no 4-year degree I have kinda topped out at an early age.

"getting on the early visibility list, submitting enhancement requests" I'm on the EV list. Submitting ER's I kinda gave up on. I really think the wish list should come back or SolidWorks should have some sort of voting web site that people can log into.

"showing a little understanding for business decisions made by SolidWorks." I'm cynical about most companies and don't like to give any of them much slack, but I am coming to a better understaning that some of the decisions that are made are more complex than they appear at times. I don't want to cut them too much slack though, because this software is fun to use and I truly believe it could be even better and want to constantly push on them to make it so.

BTW-Modeling at home is the real fun stuff. Definitely doesn't make you weird. Heck when I bought my place a few years ago I was modeling my house to figure out the best orientation for furniture. I did a deck design as well and was going to figure out a BOM. I've also designed a few prototype parts for my mountain bike and considered marketing them. Has it crashed on me at home? Yes. But, I get a bit more irritated when it crashes at work because I'm usually under the gun and when I can't make my deliverables the only person that ends up looking bad is me.

"Heck, I might even offer a big hug every now and then just to see if I can make you feel better." I'll stick with receiving SolidWorks tips. Thanks. LOL


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Jeff N

We're going to have to start calling you "Buddy", Mr. Doyle. Got your Elf hat on?


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I think Mr Doyle deserves a hot towel, a cozy ottoman and a nice cup of hot chocolate. I also will get these for you Mr. Sporkman, along with a soothing footwarming bath to make your feet feel good.

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